16-bit Assembler Simulator¶

A web-based simulator of a 16-bit CPU. This project has been developed for educational purposes to support the teaching of the Operating Systems course of the Degree in Computer Engineering of the University of Alcal√°.

The simulator has the following features:

  • A 16-bit big-endian CPU.
  • Two modes of operation: supervisor & user. Each mode of operation has its own SP register.
  • 4 general purpose registers, which can be accessed in word or byte modes.
  • 1024 bytes of memory.
  • A Memory Protection Unit (MPU).
  • 16-bit input/output address map which can be accessed using IN/OUT instructions.
  • An interrupt controller that supports up to 16 interrupt sources.
  • A programmable 16-bit timer.
  • Three input/output devices: * Visual display with a resolution of 16x16. * Textual display of 16 characters. * 10-keys numeric keypad.
  • Inline memory editing.
  • Execution breakpoints.